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Consent to Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

1. Overview and Purposes
Korea Environmental Conservation Institute intends to collect and use the personal information of international experts with the purposes of organizing a cooperative network with influential persons from overseas governments and institutions as well as maintaining and facilitating the network in an effective way.

Korea Environmental Conservation Institute highly values the protection and privacy of the foreign individuals’ personal information in accordance with the statutory regulations. The personal information shall only be collected and used with the consent of the individuals under the relevant law.

The personal information of foreigners that may be collected and used by Korea Environmental Conservation Institute shall be utilized solely for the purposes and methods stipulated as below.

2. Purpose
Korea Environmental Conservation Institute will utilize the personal information of overseas experts to make a request for participation in the following activities based on career, performance, networking history and expertise.
a. Sending a Newsletter
b. Requests for writing international environmental trend reports
c. Requests for consulting advice or lectures
d. Requests for attending a conference, seminar, workshops etc.
※ Depending on activities involved, payments can be made by host organization.

3. Items to collect, to use and retain
Items Purpose Period
Country, Name, Company Name, Address, contact(telephone, mobile phone, fax), E-mail, Website To send Newsletter, Final Report and other related information for the exhibitionTo provide users with services such as conference, seminar, workshops and etc. 3 years

※ We will not use collected information for any purpose other than the intended ones.

4. Inquiries & Contact
If you want to refuse Korea Environmental Conservation Institute the permission to use the collected personal information, you may request the manager responsible for personal information to view, revise and delete your personal information.
For more information on the procedure, please contact +82-2-3407-1542 or envex1542@keci.or.kr

I Agree with the contents stated above.

I Agree with the contents stated above.

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