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Environmental Technologies

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Water Sewage & Waste Water Treatment, Refined Water Treatment, Livestock Wastewater Treatment, River Purification, Membranes, Microorganism, Drinking Water Quality Improving Equipment, Pumps·Valves, Design & Construction
Air Harmful Gas Treatment, Flue-Gas Desulfurization(FGD), Denitrification Treatment, TMS, Indoor Air Quality Improving Equipment and other Equipment
Waste Foodwaste Treatment, Waste Disposal, Waste Gas Treatment and Recycling Systems and other Equipment
Measurement & Analysis Devices Measurement & Analysis of Emission Gas, Measurement & Analysis of Toxic Substances, Measurement & Analysis of Noise/Vibration, Flow Meters, Discharging measuring systems, Monitoring facilities
Eco-friendly products Green Building Materials, Green Electronics, Indoor Air Quality Improving Products, Ecolabels and Appliances
Ecological Restoration in Watersides Rivers/Lakes Purification, Ecological Restoration, Soil Restoration
Seawater Desalination Seawater Desalination Plants & Systems
Chemicals Environmental Chemistry, Fine Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nanochemistry, Chemical Additives
Government Policies
& Projects
PR for Government-affiliated Organizations, Climate Change, Local Government Performance, Water Environment, New Growth Engine Technology Development

Carbon-Neutral Technologies

Section Content
Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage(CCUS) Carbon Capture & Utilization(CCU)
Carbon Capture & Storage(CCS)
Hydrogen Hydrogen Fuel Charging Stations, Hydrogen Generation, Hydrogen Storage/Transport, Hydrogen Ships, Hydrogen Industry Machines, Fuel Cells
Solar Energy & Heat Solar Energy Modules, Solar Energy Street Lamps, Photovoltaics, Solar Energy Generation Systems and other related Products & Technologies
Wind Power
Small Hydro Power
Geothermal Power
Wind Power Generation Systems & Equipment, Small Hydro Power Generation Technologies & Systems, Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
Marine Power Tidal Power Generation, Marine Current Power Generation, Wave Power Generation, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Generation
Biogas Biomass, Bio-diesel, Bio-fuel Systems
Government Policies & Projects PR for Policies of Environmental Organizations and Associations including Sustainable Development, Socially Responsible Investing

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