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Article 1 Definition of words

1. “Exhibitor” means ‘every company, organization, association and groups which participate in ENVEX2024.’
2. “Organizer” means ‘Korea Environmental Conservation Institute (KECI).’
3. “Exhibition” means ‘ENVEX2024.’
4. “Exhibition Hall” means ‘COEX Hall A.’
5. “Participation fee” includes ‘booth rate. and General Service fee’
6. “Expense for general service” means ‘expense for installation and use of electricity, telephone, water & drainage, compressed air, and Internet line(LAN).’
※ Exhibitors who apply for booths before December 27, 2023 can get a 10% discount for the booth rate.

Article 2 Exhibition Schedule
  Date Time
Set up and Move in June 1(Sat) ~ 2(Sun), 2024 08:00 ~ 20:00
Opening June 3(Mon) ~ 5(Wed), 2024 10:00 ~ 18:00
Move Out June 5(Wed), 2024 16:00 ~ 22:00

Article 3 Participation fee
1. Booth Type & Rate (VAT included)
Booth Type Rate
Raw Space Booth US$ 3,800
Standard Shell Booth US$ 4,000
※ Exhibitors who apply for booths before December 27, 2023, can get a 10% discount for the booth rate except for those who are clients’ of KECI’s agents.

2. General Service fee
  Specification Price Unit
Electricity(Cast) Single - phase 220V US$60 KW
Three - phase 220V / 380V
Telephone Domestic - Seoul and local areas US$60  
International not including international telephone charge US$60 + ∂ set
Water & Drainage Water size : 15mm(ø), US$200 connection
Drainage size : 25mm(ø), Pressure : 2. 0kg/Cm3)
Compressed Air size : 9mm(ø) / Pressure : 6kg/㎤) US$200 connection
Internet Line US$150 line

Article 4 Deadline of Payment
1. 100% of the total participation fee must be paid within 2 weeks after issue of invoice.
2. The General service fee must be paid no later than April 17(Wed), 2024.

Article 5 Cancellation & Penalty Fees
In case an Exhibitor cancels the application for a booth, the security deposit can not be refunded at all. Application for a booth can be canceled by the organizer in the following cases.
- In case an Exhibitor does not make the balance payment by the official deadline
- In case an Exhibitor tries to exhibit an item without reporting to the organizer.
Date Fee
Before January 25(Thu), 2024 - -
January 26(Fri) ~ February 22(Thu), 2024 20% of Participation Fee
February 23(Fri) ~ March 28(Thu), 2024 50% of Participation Fee
March 29(Fri) ~ April 25(Thu), 2024 70% of Participation Fee
After April 25(Fri), 2024 100% of Participation Fee

Article 6 Booth Allocation
In principle, booths will be allocated to Exhibitors in order of application and the number of booths. KECI has the authority to make adjustments if necessary for efficient management. Exhibitors may not raise any objection to the allocation of booth location. KECI may change the locations of booths if necessary even after allocation is initially made, and Exhibitors may not raise any objection and also are not allowed to give up their booth space to other Exhibitors without the approval of KECI.

Article 7 Overtime use of Exhibition Hall
Should Exhibitors require extra time, the Exhibitors must obtain prior approval from KECI, and must pay any consequential expenses incurred based on rules and regulation of COEX.

Article 8 Responsibility of Indemnity
1. KECI will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of exhibits and Exhibitors' property, including the operation of closed circuit television, static guards and mobile patrols. However, the ultimate responsibility for the safe-keeping of all items rests with the Exhibitor and the Exhibitors should therefore take out adequate insurance cover against theft or damage and provide lock-up storage on his stand for small and valuable items.
2. The most critical time for security is during the hours immediately following the final closing of the Exhibition. At that time stands should not be left unattended until all valuable or portable items have been secured or removed.
3. Exhibitors’ staff shall prepare their display starting from 09:00 in each day of the show, which will be open for Visitors from 10:00. Exhibitors and their staff will not be permitted in the exhibition hall after the Show hours.
4. To the best of its ability, KECI will provide 24-hour security service for exhibits during the Show period and during the preparation/removal period by means of security guard patrols. However, since KECI cannot assume responsibility for fire, theft, loss of property or other damage beyond its control, Exhibitors should take proper care of their property by taking out insurance.

Article 9 Management of Facilities and Restoration
1. Exhibitors are responsible for removing their installation materials and restoring the exhibition area to its original condition during the removal period.
2. Especially, trash caused by construction or removal of Exhibitor booth should be removed by the Exhibitors. If Exhibitors do not abide by to this rule, charges for trash removal will be imposed.

Article 10 Booth Construction and Dismantle
1. Use of any electric tools such as electric saws, grinders and compressors is not permitted in the Exhibition Halls. Exhibitors must notify KECI of specifications in advance and must get the prior approval of KECI and COEX.
2. All materials for booth assembling must be fire-proof and nonflammable.
3. Any attachment to walls, floors, ceilings are not allowed.
4. All materials for booth construction must be dismantled and moved out no later than 22:00, June 5(Wed), 2024.
5. Exhibitors must choose COEX-designated service company to construct booths and install electricity.
6. Move-Out work shall be carried out only by the COEX-designated service company.
7. Exhibitors who apply for “Space Only” must submit booth specifications including height and materials of booths 2 weeks before the opening of the Exhibition to COEX hall managers’ office after approval of KECI.

Article 11 Limitations of Weight and Height
1. Exhibitors can use oils and gas under the condition that they install an automatic breaker.
2. Use of electric heaters, stoves, microwave, hair dryers, cooking pans and other combustible substances and devices is allowed if walls are finished by nonflammable materials.
3. Any other dangerous materials cannot be used without the permission of KECI.

Article 12 Limitations of Weight and Height
1. Any exhibit that weighs over 1.5 tons per 1㎡ shall not be permitted to get into the Exhibition Halls.
2. Exhibitors must report every exhibit which weigh over 5 tons in detailed regardless of area to KECI 60 days before the opening of the exhibition. KECI will notify whether or not the exhibit can get into the Exhibition Hall after discussion with COEX.
3. Exhibitors should measure structure and obtain approval from KECI if necessary.
4. Exhibits that weigh over 5 tons must be carried into the Exhibition Hall by workers, not by vehicles.
5. Any vehicle over 5 tons in weight shall not be permitted to get into the Exhibition Halls.
6. Exhibit which weigh over 20 tons are not allowed to enter into the Exhibition Halls at all.

Article 13 Limitation of Resell and Sales
1. Reselling of space to other Exhibitors shall not be permitted under any circumstance during the Exhibition period.
2. Any sales activity is prohibited in the Exhibition Hall. If found to be engaging in such activities, KECI may take such measures as termination of participation contracts, cancellation of booth allocation, rejection and/or removal of exhibit products, and will not refund participation fees.

Article 14 Construction of Bonded Area
1. Exhibitors should report their exhibits within 35 days before the opening day of the Exhibition in case their exhibits are from overseas countries
2. KECI should construct the Exhibition Hall as Bonded Area if there are any reported exhibits
3. Exhibitors whose exhibits are from overseas countries should transport the exhibits and it is prohibited from using those exhibits in Korea without permission from National Tax Service of Korea.
4. Exhibitors should work with companies designated by KECI for carrying in and transporting the exhibits. The penalty of USD 2,000 can be imposed for illegal carrying in and transporting.

Article 15 Limitation of Sound and Odor
1. The noise from acoustic equipment must not give any disturbance to surrounding exhibitors.
2. When Exhibitors display or operate exhibits which can cause a bad smell, they must receive approval from KECI in advance.
3. KECI can impose punitive measures, including suspension of power supply if other Exhibitors make complaints.

Article 16 Fire precaution and preservation
1. Exhibitor must ensure that all his staffs are aware of the location of the nearest fire alarm and fire extinguisher and that they are conversant with their use.
2. Any person seeing an outbreak of fire, however slight, must make immediate use of the fire alarm system and subsequently use every endeavor to quench or contain the outbreak by use of fire extinguishers and removal of goods in the vicinity, while at all times doing nothing to cause panic or alarm.

Article 17 Dispute Resolution
Disputes between Organizers and Exhibitors and rights and duties about interpretation of this rules and regulations abide by arbitration judgment of Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and the judgment cannot be appealed.

Article 18 Duty of Organizer
Organiser shall keep the Exhibition Hall safe and clean to help Exhibitors participate in the Exhibition.

Article 19 Duty of Exhibitors
All Exhibitors must acknowledge manuals and other related rules and regulations and cooperate with Organizer

I Agree with the Rules and Regulations Stated Above.

I have read and fully understand the contents above and consent to Collect and Use Personal Information

I have read and fully understand the contents above and consent to Collect and Use Personal Information

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