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Dearest Buyers and Visitors of ENVEX2022,

The 43rd ENVEX (ENVEX2022) is expected to have approximately 250 companies this yest and it is also well-known for its capability of making opportunities for small and medium enterprises to expand overseas market and establish network to find potential in related business area.


As an organiser who has always been pursuing to enhance the quality of our events, we would like to provide you with valuable opportunities in which you can appreciate diverse technologies developed by many participating companies not only from Korea, but also many companies across the globe.

With our specific plans now clearly taking shape, furthermore, we are delighted to announce that we have arranged an advantageous program, called "Overseas Buyer Program," which includes

1) ‘One on One Business Matching’ with participating companies,

2) ‘Guided Hall Tour’ during exhibition,

3)and a chance of ‘Site Visit’, to some actual business sites in Korea which leading technologies and machineries of environmental area are placed.

To be qualified as a subject who gets benefits mentioned above, you are required to pre-register online.

Please find attached

1) ENVEX2022 Overseas Buyer Program

2) Registration form for ENVEX2022 Overseas Buyer Program

3) ENVEX2022 Exhibitors List

For further inquities, please contact envex1542@epa.or.kr or +82-2-3407-1542.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation in advance.

Yours sincerely,

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