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Brief Information of More Events with ENVEX2017

Period June 7(Wed.) ~9(Fri.)
Time 10:00~17:00
Venue Conference Roomr
Participants Assembled leaders from business, government, academia, and the research community from around the world
Expected No. of Participants 5,000


1. Seminars & Forums
Event Date Time Venue Organizers
Technology Seminar of Participation Companies
for ENVEX2017
6. 7(Wed) ~6. 8(Thu) 10:30~12:20 Seminar Room A in Hall B  
6.9(Fri) 10:30~15:20
Environment Industry & Policy in 2017 6. 7(Wed) 14:00~17:00 Seminar Room A in Hall B KEPA
The 3rd Membrane System Design and
O&M Technology Seminar
13:00~18:00 Coex #308 Membrane&Plant Branch of Korean Society for Fluid Machinery
International Conference on policies for green vehicle increasing 13:00~17:30 Coex #318 Ministry of Environment / KECO
Korea Foodwaste Recycling Seminar 14:00~17:00 Coex #317C Korea Foodwaste Recycle Association
Awards Ceremony and Presentation
for Environmental Consulting Practice Contest
6.8(Thu) 10:30~12:00 Seminar Room B in Hall B Ministry of Environment / KEIA
Korea-China-Japan Environmental Industry & Technology Forum & Business Consultation Meeting 13:30~17:30 Seminar Room B in Hall B Ministry of Environment / KEIA
The 10th Water Resources and Environment Technology Forum 13:30~15:30 Seminar Room A in Hall B Korea Environmental Information Research Center
2017 Global Top Performance Presentation for Environmental Technology Development Projects 10:00~17:00 Coex #327 Ministry of Environment / KEIA
New Chemical Management System and Industry Transition Strategy 14:00~17:30 Coex #317 KCMA
The 21st Seminar of Environmental Policy and High Technology Session 1. Chemical Safety and Climate Change and the Atmosphere 13:30~17:10 Coex #318 Korea Environmental Engineers Association
Session 2. Water Environment 6.9(Fri) 13:30~17:10 Coex #317
Session 3. Resources Recirculation and Energy 13:30~17:10 Coex #318

※ The event schedule is flexible in accordance with the situation.

2. Forum on Environment with Middle East & Africa
Contents Project Presentation of Local Government/ Public Organization of Middle East and Africa with Inviting High-level Personnel Consultation Meeting between the Personnel & Korea Environment Companies
Date 6.8(Thu)
Time 08:30~18:00
Venue #307
Organizers Ministry of Foreign Affaires Ministry of Environment
Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute
3. Business meeting between Power Company and Korea Environment Company
Contents Business meeting between the power company and the Korea Environment Companies
Date 6.8(Thu)
Time 14:00~17:00
Venue Business meeting Zone in Hall B
Organizers Korea East-West Power Cop.
Korea Environmental Preservation Association
4. The 9th Korea-China Environmental Industry Conversazione
Contents China’s Environment Policy
Korea’s Environment Technology Introduction
Discussion Technical Cooperation between two countries
Date 6.7(Wed)
Time 13:00~16:30
Venue #307
Organizers Korea Environmental Preservation Association
China Yixing Industrial For Environmental Science & Technology Administrative Committee
5. 2017 Job Fair of the Environmental Industry
Contents Recruiting Environment Professionals, Seminars & Consulting of Well-known Instructors for seeking a job, Experience Center
Date 6.7(Wed)
Time 10:00~17:00
Venue Job Fair Zone in Hall B
Organizers Korea Environmental Preservation Association
Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute
6. Managing Environment Legal Counselling Center
Contents Intellectual Property Right, Patent, Legal Counselling
Date 6.7(Wed)~6.9(Fri)
Time 13:00~16:30
Venue Legal Counselling Booth in Hall B
Organizers Reception Onsite, Lawyer Huh, Bumhang (Consulting Lawyer of Korea Environmental Preservation Association)

Exhibition Hall Tour Program

Date & Time June 8 ~9 (11:00 am) *(Only 14:00 pm on June 7 because of Opening Ceremony)
Venue COEX A Hall & B Hall
Details - Exhibition hall tour for pre-registered foreign buyers and on-site registered foreigners
- Meeting in front of the registration desk for foreign buyers
- Interpreters will accompany several booths and give detailed explanation on main exhibits

Site Visit

Date & Time 2017. 6. 9(Fri.) / 11:30~15:30
Venue Hanam Union Park in Hanam city
Participants Foreign buyers and green industry institutes representatives (30 people)
Time Venue Content Transportation
11:30-12:30 Luncheon Convention Center  
12:30~13:10 From Convention Center To Hanam Union Park Departure at Convention Center(COEX) Bus
13:10~14:30 Hanam Union Park Field Trip Bus
14:30~15:30 From Hanam Union Park To Convention Center Arrive at Convention Center(COEX) Bus

[Environmental Foundation Facilities : Union Park & Tower]

  • Foundation in 79,057㎡ in Hanam City with 303 billion KRW in June 2015 (construction period : Sep. 2011~Jun.2015)
  • The complex on Environment of 25meter in the basement by up-to-date technologies such as for incinerating, resource recovery plant food, recycling selection, sewage treatment etc.
  • The complex on Environment of ground based for the culture & community for the residence such as Water play area, physical training facility, gym , a tower of 105 meter in height

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